Thursday, September 24, 2009

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September 2009.
Title: Swim with dolphin
This is a print from my original mixed media acrylic & digital illustration.
Size 5"x7" including 1/4" white border around the picture. Signed & titled by me on the back. Watermark will not appear on the real picture.

Finally, I had time and I can finish this illustration. I had so much fun making this cute dolphin.

Dolphin is one of friendly mammal animal. It likes to play & jump. It loves wave too.
Dolphins are social group animal. They love helping one another, especially if one of them get injured.
May be someday, I get a change to swim with dolphin.

The print is available at my etsy shop.
Thank you so much for looking & have a great day!


Katie, Kevin and kids said...

I love the expression you put on the dolphin. All of your work is adorable!

rkdsign88 said...

Thank you so much Katie for your sweet comment.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Just beautiful, as always!

Duni said...

Hi there!
this illustration is so much fun! Hey, maybe I get to see some real dolphins here too :)

NICO Designs said...

I had relatives that lived in Hawaii on a beach. I was lucky enough to visit them one summer and their neighbor took ill patients out to swim with the dolphins. She firmly believed that this had a healing effect and there was research being done which was supporting the idea.
I could not help that just being in Hawaii on the beach was therapeutic.

rkdsign88 said...

Thank you so much Meghann.

rkdsign88 said...

Thank you so much Duni & Nico.
Nico, yes I heard about that therapy also, how wonderful.

Laane said...

Awww, this one is so adorable. I absolutely love it!

rkdsign88 said...

Thank you so much Laane.

Julie said...

I just love this little painting so cute.
x Julie x

rkdsign88 said...

Thank you Julie :)