Thursday, April 16, 2009

Has any body experienced Sleep Paralysis?

"Has any body experienced Sleep Paralysis?" but never talk about it, because it makes you feel like a freak.
I experienced Sleep Paralysis so many times, first time I had this experience when I was 5 years old, and I thought GHOST was around me. I described this to anybody that I knew, and they thought I was crazy & might see a real ghost. Well until recently I browsed internet and typed Sleep Paralysis in search engine, and there I found so many people just like me. I talk about it in Etsy forum couple months ago too, and surprisingly I'm not alone.


Usually, the sufferer of an episode of Sleep Paralysis will report that they felt an inability to move any part of their body whilst falling asleep, or immediately upon waking up - the whole body feels paralyzed.

The sufferer is fully aware that they are awake, but have great difficulty moving. The experience can produce great anxiety and fear, as the sufferer will struggle to "wake up".

So if you have experienced this before, don't freak out, you are not alone.

Here is my painting of the week. etsy cupcake blonde  pdf fun illustration nursery drawing art print cute whimsical reproduction etsy cupcake blonde  pdf fun illustration nursery drawing art print cute whimsical reproduction etsy cupcake blonde  pdf fun illustration nursery drawing art print cute whimsical reproduction

Title: "Please keep my secret"
Lately, my daughter ask me to keep her secret which for me is kind of cute to know that she finally has secret.
These are prints from my original acrylic painting. The blonde & red hair is colored digitally.
Size 5"x7" including 1/4" white border around the picture. Signed & titled by me on the back. Watermark will not appear on the real print.

The print is available at my etsy shop.

Another award!

Thank you so much to Duni for this "A certified Queen of Blogs Award", sounds wow.
Duni's blog, Lovely Purses features absolutely beautiful bags & some fun stories of hers, so don't miss it.

I'm not sure about the rules, however most awards, I need to pass it to other Quenn bloggers. Here they are:

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Have a great day guys & thanks for looking, rkdsign88


Nancy said...

Love you new artwork! That sleep paralysis sounds frightening, I on the other hand suffer from insomnia, which is awful too!

rkdsign88 said...

Nancy, that's right, my husband used to have insomnia too.

kRiZ cPEc said...

haven't been around lately, sleep well.;)

bem69 said...

Yep, I get it a lot of times, but at times I get the real GHOST attacks. You don't get whispers in the ear from Sleep Paralysis lol. Only happens at hotel rooms.

Avlor said...

I've not experienced it, but I've heard of it. Though, I've had insomnia like others in the comments.


The little girls and giraffes are soooo sweet!

rkdsign88 said...

Kriz, good for you.
Bem69,the real ghosts?well thanks God never seen one. Well for me the real ghosts are humans :)
Avlor, thank you so much for your sweet comment.

bem69 said...

Yeah, but thank God I haven't seen them. Its true though, most of those spooky moments, the feeling of like some thing's sitting on you, is just sleep paralysis at its best.

Duni said...

The sleep paralysis sounds scary. Especially if it happened to you as a child and you couldn't explain it to anyone. I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm sure you have a very supportive husband who understands this. Hope you are able to handle it.

Your artwork is adorable, as always. I love the cupcake detail! You have such a creative mind.

rkdsign88 said...

Thank you so much Duni for your sweet comments. I have it if I'm really tired & don't have enough sleep and a lot of stress. But recently, I don't have it as many as before. My husband has no problem with I'm having it since he has sleep walking, so he can understand.

Anonymous said...

hey you have an award! :) Come on by!

you are wonderful !

Anonymous said...

Cute new artwork, and congratulations on your award! I've heard of sleep paralysis before. When your body goes into the REM state of sleep, where you dream, your body naturally goes into a paralysis so that you don't get up to act out any crazy keep you safe. But, sometimes if you wake up during this period, you can still feel paralyzed but are no longer sleeping. That's all I know about this condition.

Leslie said...

Your artwork is fabulous!!!!

rkdsign88 said...

Maria Jose, thank you so much for the award.
Nancy, thank you so much for your explanation, that's exactly what's happened.
Leslie, thank you so much for your sweet comment.

Little Miss Mel said...

I love these!! So adorable and sweet! I love your colour palette!

Cheryl said...

This happened often when I was younger but has decreased with age though it still happens. I find prayer helps me from feeling that panic that comes with it and I no longer feel that fear of falling into sleep again.

Holly said...

I've just been having a look through your blog. I came here after you left a comment on my blog and I have to say I love your work! Just darling paintings!

rkdsign88 said...

Thank you so much Holly for your kind words.