Friday, November 28, 2008

Tell me more etsy tutu party ballet girl painting drawing art print cute whimsical reproduction acrylic

Thank you The Art Zoo, who has been featured my "Tell me more" print at The Art Zoo's blog. Please visit The Art Zoo's lovely blog. There are more beautiful artworks from many different talented artists, who knows you may be one of them too :)

About the painting:
My girl loves ballet so much, not only because she can dance, but because she can wear pretty tutu. Sometimes she doesn't want to change her tutu, & she just wears it all day long. At her age right now(4), she loves to ask many different kind of questions. When I answer her question, my answer become her question again, then I answer again, but she comes back again with her first question. Ehmm seems like never ending questions & answers :)

Have a great day guys & thanks for looking, rkdsign88


Charming Lamb said...

Hello there!

I was wondering if you ever do custom work? I love this "ballet" design and would be interesting in purchasing a larger size for framing!

Merry Christmas,


rkdsign88 said...

Hello Lori,

Yes, I've done custom work before.
I can make the print larger. The largest one will be 8"x10". I can make the custom listing at my etsy shop for you. You could also check my etsy shop at, so you can get an idea about my other works.
Please let me know if you have more questions or contact me at my etsy shop.

Merry Christmas,