Friday, July 11, 2008

ACEO Original - Happy Butterflies & Global Warming

Well in my country having just one child it seems like not a good parent things to do, you have to have at least one more. But for me, a child is a human being not a thing or an obligation. The earth right now is being abused by humankind. So at this moment I'm not ready to deliver another real angel.
Below is my art expression about our world & our children. I tried to describe through my original ACEO.

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ACEO Original - Happy Butterflies & Global Warming

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Irish Mom said...

Your right, no one but your self should determine how many children to have. There is much of wastefulness to our Earth, I think many people are becoming more aware and positive changes are being made.

Laura said...

I like the wings with polka dots. :) Come and join us for Doodle Week, starting Monday. (almost today).

rkdsign88 said...

Thanks Irishmom for your nice comment, & Laura, thanks for the info, I catch up today about the doodle week, sound fun :)