Friday, July 11, 2008

Original ACEO DOODLE BUG - Happy Butterflies

DOODLE Week! I just join guys :)

This is my first original ACEO sale at Etsy. It was sold to a wonderful lady in Belgium who is also a wonderful artist. She is such a nice lady, she gave her time to take a picture of this drawing once she received it. I'm glad she loves it too.

etsy art atc aceo rkdsign88 painting drawing butterfly

ACEO Original - Happy Butterflies


This is the photo that she took, after she received it & she wrote nice note for me, thank you Wenz27.

If you interested to buy my others artworks, you are welcome to take a look at
Thanks for looking!


CrunchNow Dot com said...

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rizal said...

"Happy butterflies". It is indeed beautiful, cute and unique.

Happy blogging.

rkdsign88 said...

Thanks Rizal for your nice comment :)

Gina said...

Very cute!